The Real Consent® Program: Why Invest?
Sexual Violence and Alcohol Education Program
  • Takes sexual violence education to the next level through an innovative approach
  • It shows vs. tells via interactive serial dramas
  • It incorporates sexual abuse prevention and alcohol into a single program
  • It teaches bystander intervention education using today's socially acceptable norms
  • It's available in inclusive formats
  • It has been clinically tested using gold standard methods
  • It is easy to implement for universities
The RealConsent® Program: Why Invest?
For Students
Serial dramas of real-life college scenarios
Challenge norms
Scenarios designed to challenge social norms around sexual violence
Program involves user-driven responses to questions and scenarios with feedback provided
High Production
High quality educational entertainment with social relevant messages
Proven Results
Theoretically-based program covering a wide range of content related to sexual violence
Rigorously Tested
Program results stem from randomized control trials "the gold standard" in scientific research
Behavior Change Techniques
Modeling and reinforcing positive behavior to reduce risk of sexual violence
Reduction in incidents of sexual assault
For You
The program is available at a reasonable cost allowing funding to support additional activities
Customizable to Schools
Program allows for universities to apply their own resources, logo and branding
Program developed at Universities for Universities
Technical help for administrators