The RealConsent® Program
Welcome to Behavioral Science Technologies, the developers of the RealConsent® Program. We’re on a mission to help create real change in critical social areas facing students. Our goal is to help reduce sexual assault from occurring on our campuses.
Our Approach
Laura Salazar
PhD, Inventor

Dr. Salazar is a nationally recognized leader in Public Health prevention programming and research methodology in the areas of sexual violence and HIV. She produces successful programs supported by behavioral theoretical models and rigorous assessment of behavior change. Dr. Salazar has dedicated her career to clinical research and intervention development to reduce risky behavior in adolescents and young adults.
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George Cavagnaro
CEO and President

George is a marketing executive with extensive experience in new product development to help companies focus on activities that help ensure successful products and programs. He has a proven track record and expertise in strategic product marketing and training in startups, midsize and large companies. 
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